After reading a book from TitiTanka...

Hello Line and Daniel,

I was delighted to meet with you at "Le salon de livre" on last Sunday.  I take this time to thank you, Line, for writing "La montagne sacrée de TitiTanka".  I had lots of feelings while reading the book, particularly after reading pages 204 and 205 that are powerfull.  I felt I was much more into the light and energy.  I have lot of gratitude and love for you.  Great thanks to Tititanka for hes guidance and her love! 

Thanks to Daniel for completing and loving Line that way.

Linda G.

Feedback after a Group Channeling...

Hello Line and Daniel,

I got some great comments from the attendants following last Friday evening channeling. Since then, people are in a deep state of grace as they feel so much wealth and beauty! Thank you both for facilitating healings for transmitting messages. We were pleased and honored and your presence in Love made everything possible. Thank you both for facilitating healings for transmitting messages. We were pleased and honored and your presence in Love made everything possible. Great energy was floating around us and time was suspended during that evening. We have been taken in a magic space. It was wonderful. A nice buffet of Love that will feed us, and luminous memories to remember over and over! Free, All You Can Eat... I wanted to share this feedback on this Sunday evening.
Good evening.

Nathalie R.
Cosmic xx


Helle Line and Daniel, One morning, as I was questioning myself, something suddenly became obvious: my partner and I have a great relationship, however, we often get back to the same problem. He is occasionally smoking but claims that he stopped, and that lie, that he considers harmless, generates quite a bit of tension between us. I was not sure what I should do to resolve this conflict. At the same time that I was invited to attend a workshop given by Line and Daniel. Immediately at the beginning of the session, Line told me about my concern and came to me directly talking about the tobacco issue. She helped me change my perception of things. She then talked to me about my life mission, and ended on such a positive note that I can still feel the effects every day. I highly recommend the light of Line and Daniel to all those who need a little hand to continue growing in their spiritual journey. Their love is contagious, you will come out of it feeling greater.

Avec tout mon amour,

Following a reading of the Aura...

Hi Line,

When I saw that you offered readings of the Aura again, I was very enthusiastic because it is a formula which I liked very much. It happenned at a moment when I needed answers and confirmations with regards to some choices I made or I was about to make.

Of course, you started again from where you left, and the reading which I received was of an inestimable value for me. It allowed me to free plenty of fears and doubts in connection with my emotional, familial and professional life. I came out of your place much lighter and it looks like from this day everything is moving quickly and efficiently in all the areas of my life.

Thanks for getting into Readings of the Aura again and for doing it with so much Care and Love.


Following a remote reading of the Aura...

Bonjour Line,

That was quite an experimentation, that reading of the Aura over the phone! I was relaxed, at home, laying down on my massage table, and all I had to do was to switch the phone speaker onand listen to your voice.

I immediately felt the same energy that I am used to when you are physically there. I knew what it would be like since I know that energy has no limits (no boundaries, no distance). Since I could remain in that position as long as I wanted after the session I enjoyed it at maximum. I did not have to get back into my car and hit the road.

Thanks to allow me to extend the benefits of receiving a reading of the Aura.


Following a private channeling - Phase I...

Hello Line and Daniel,

Thanks again for a wonderful meeting this week! Maybe you'll be interested to read the email I just sent to 5 people who walk the Spiritual Path:


You were a few people asking me feedback on my Phase 1 meeting with Line Dagenais and Daniel Rousseau. I met with them last Thursday, November 10th and I was really E N C H A N T E D ! ! ! I met quite a few therapists and people on the spiritual path so far in my life, and I can confirm that these two beings are really in the "New Energy"! Before meeting with them, I personally had some very light flashes concerning my mission in life... Last Thursday, it sounded like someone was announcing, as loud and clear as if it were done through a microphone, what my mission in life is!

It was magnificent! What else can I say? If I may, the first thing to do is to "get into your heart" to feel whether this approach really challenges you. Your life could certainly not be the same after such a meeting... You make your own decision. We all have free will and this is great. Looking forward to see you! I love you!

Line G. xxx

Following a private channeling - Phase II...

I am grateful to you...

Hello Line and Daniel,

THANK YOU LINE AND DANIEL for this beautiful work.

This morning I feel the light in all my cells. Since I use to react after the fact, I realized, this morning, how fortunate I am to have such a SWEET MISSION.

This is very important to me. Since I know my mission, my work will improve in feeling. I feel divinely this morning.


I love you!

Lili xxx

Video Testimonial following a Private Channeling - Phase II

Video Testimonial following a Private Channeling - Phase III

Following a presonalized sacred chant...

Thank you Line and Titi Tanka...

For that great moment spent with you over the phone.

I received that new energy and this vivrant chant from Titi Tanka and Line over the phone. I felt so much intensity that I can't explain with words! As I write this testimonial all my cells are dancing with me. Following that vibrant chant I feel a great serenity within me. That was as powerfull as smooth. Every chakra opened up simultaneously. I was so pleased to feel that warmth, that new energy surrounding my cells and my energetic body. All I needed was there.

It was as powerfull as if I had been physically with you. I was anchored as my third eye and my crown opened up. I receive and accept these new energiesthat will be usefull to pursue my way with fluidity and smoothness.

Thanks again Line for that special moment,

With all my love.

Josée Lambert
Thérapeute énergétique
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