Line Dagenais


I am Line Dagenais, the channel of Divine Love. I channel the new energies. I sing in ancient languages with sacred words from ancient Egyptian, Native American, Tibetan and others.

Since the age of 18 years, I have been investing in energy by taking courses and working as a volunteer in various organizations that affect the personal and energetic development.

I raised my three children while working fulltime. I was employed by the federal and provincial government as an administrative assistant and court-clerk. I contributed to building airplanes for Bombardier in Quebec for several years.

I am now associated with Daniel Rousseau in my life and my energetic work in order to provide channeling that will open your heart to your life mission. My gift is to see, hear and feel the messages from your Divine Self and anchor your life mission with the new energies on earth.



Daniel Rousseau


I am Daniel Rousseau, root holder of the Divine Love. I believe in the power of Divine Love in every areas of my life. Since the age of 20 years, I have been traveling throughout the world getting training in energy and I also operated an international company named Fraco.

My energy cares are dedicated to all those who want a radiant health and a love that comes from the heart. I work with my heart opened, my energetic hands and my consciousness of love to give you a perfect divine health.

I am a crane operator in construction. I am also associated with my life partner to anchor the channeling and create individual and group meditations all over the world. We travel to different locations of the world to install pillars of light and vortexes in order to anchor love on earth.

My mission is to anchor love in the heart of people, so they can regain their power. This will anchor the new earth into respect, joy and easiness.


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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