Line Dagenais is channeling Divine Love.

Line offers group and / or individual channeling sessions.






Line's mission is to anchor the new energy of love on earth by forming groups of meditation through channeling in sacred words song by herself.

Following a group meditation, your heart opens and you enter into your body with your power of love. Synchronicities take place in your life to improve your balance in love, joy, prosperity and perfect divine health.

When you are ready to commit yourself firmly in your life mission, Line offers a private channeling that will anchor you into your love, your joy, your prosperity and your perfect divine health.

Line has the ability to see, hear and feel. She looks forward to welcoming you in St-Jerome, Quebec.

Line offers the possibility of holding remote individual channeling sessions and group channeling sessions for 15 or more people at your home.

Looking forward to meet you!




To reach Line:


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Line Dagenais

Quebec: 514-706-4888